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Definite Articles in Swedish
Definite Articles in Swedish

Hello everybody,

In today's lesson you will learn some useful vocabulary about ¨DEFINITE ARTICLES¨ in Swedish

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Happy learning ! :)

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Definite Articles in Swedish[edit | edit source]





The dog Hunden hoon dehn O cachorro
The bird Fågeln foh gehln O pássaro
The man Mannen mahn nehn O homem
The house Huset hew seht A casa
The city Staden stoh dehn A cidade
The window Fönstret fehns teht A janela
The mouth Munnen moon nehn A boca
The dogs Hundarna hoon dah nah Os cachorros
The birds Fåglarna foh glehn nah Os pássaros
The men Männen mehn nehn Os homens
The houses Husen hew sehn As casas
The cities Städerna stah deh nah As cidades
The windows Fönstren fehns tehn As janelas
The mouths Munnen moon nehn As bocas

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