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Historical Timeline for Jordan - A chronology of key events


Jordan Timeline[edit | edit source]

Date Event
800 BC AD Arrival of the Celts from Gaul and Germany.
60 BC AD Conquest of the islands by the Romans.
555 Martyrdom of Saint Helier.
911 Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte; Charles the Simple cedes Normandy to Rollo.
933 Domination of the islands by the Duke of Normandy, Guillaume Longue Épée, son of Rollo.
1066 Conquest of England by Duke William the Conqueror.
1204 The king of England, Jean sans Terre, loses Normandy, but the islands remain loyal to him.
1373 Bertrand Du Guesclin seizes Jersey, then the English reclaim the island.
1380-1382 The French appropriate Jersey.
1483 Publication of the bull of neutrality by Pope Sixtus IV.
1518 Plague epidemic, as in 1563 and 1626.
1565 Hélier de Carteret colonizes Sark and Elizabeth Ire consecrates him lord.
1568 The islands transfer the episcopal see from Coutances to Winchester (England).
1572 Arrival of many French Huguenots.
1590-1600 Construction of Elizabeth Castle off Saint-Hélier, Jersey.
1600-1604 Sir Walter Raleigh is Governor of Jersey.
1649 Execution of Charles I; his son Charles II found asylum in Jersey where he was proclaimed king. Guernsey, hostile to the king, supports Cromwell.
1651 Cromwell manages to defeat the royalist resistance. Capture of Elizabeth Castle.
1658 Death of Cromwell. Restoration of the monarchy. Charles II is again proclaimed king and cedes the American lands of New Jersey to George Hélier.
1677 The king forgives Guernsey for siding with Cromwell.
1685 Revocation of the Edict of Nantes; new arrival of French Protestants.
1781 Battle of Jersey. Rullecourt narrowly fails. Major Peirson, Jersey hero, is killed during the battle.
1827 First steamboat link between Jersey and Weymouth.
1832 Cholera epidemic, as in 1849.
1837-1902 Reign of Queen Victoria.
1847 Construction of a 1000 m dyke in Alderney, but the project was abandoned in 1864.
1852 Victor Hugo went into exile in Jersey, then in Guernsey.
1858 Laying of a submarine telegraph cable between Jersey and England.
1915 Departure of a contingent of men from Jersey for the Great War. More than 800 of them will be killed during the battles.
1934 Arrival of the first passenger plane.
1939 Massive invasion of Colorado beetles (potato parasites) causing the ruin of many farmers.
1940 On June 18, the island is demilitarized. On June 28, bombardment then occupation of the island by the Germans. Construction of numerous defensive works.
1942 1,200 people are sent to Germany.
1944 Arrival of the Red Cross supply ship, Véga, on December 30.
1945 On May 9, Jersey is liberated by British troops. On June 7, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visit the island.
1946 The States of Guernsey buy Herm.
1950 Proclamation of the law authorizing divorce.
1953 The International Court of Justice awards the Ecréhous and the Minquiers to the Bailiwick of Jersey. Coronation of Elizabeth II.
1971 Construction of a seawater desalination plant in Jersey.
1987 A storm devastates the Channel coasts, and especially the islands.
1992 Opening of the Common Market. The islands decide not to be part of it.
1993 The Barclay brothers buy the island of Brecqhou for 2.3 million pounds.
1998 Death of Major Wood, manager of Herm.
1999 Fiftieth anniversary of the acquisition of the Herm lease by the Wood family.
2000 The Levoli Sun sank on November 30, 10 km north of Alderney.
2002 The islands, and more particularly Jersey and Guernsey, celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Victor Hugo, their most famous resident.
2004 Celebration of 800 years of independence.
2005 Commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the islands on May 9, 1945, the day after the Armistice.
2006 Following a complaint lodged by the Barclay brothers at the European Court of Human Rights, Sark votes by referendum to end the feudal regime.
2008 Discovery of the "house of horror" in Jersey. Sark organizes the first elections in its history. End of feudalism. Herm changes owners. The island was reportedly ceded to John and Julia Singer for £ 15million.
2009 The famous human remains found in Jersey in February 2008 date from the 15th to the 17th centuries.
2011 Sark is awarded the "black sky island" label by the IDA (International Dark-Sky Association), an American association which fights against light pollution.
2015 Jersey is the home of the International Island Games Association.
June 23, 2016 Following a referendum, Great Britain decides to leave the European Union. For the Channel Islands which were not in the common market, the decision has little weight in the state except that the two capitals, Saint-Hélier (Jersey) and Saint-Peter- Port (
May 16, 2018 The general elections of Jersey renew the 29 deputies of the 18 districts, the 8 senators and the constables of the 12 parishes.

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