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The Spanish Slang you MUST know!

Your teacher, for sure, did not teach you the following expressions:

In Spain[edit | edit source]

Ligar[edit | edit source]

To flirt or succeed in dating. When someone is called "Ligón" he or she is dating everyone around ...or at least tries.

Currar[edit | edit source]

It means "to work". They don't go to "el trabajo", they go to "el curro".

A tomar por el culo[edit | edit source]

literally go take  to the ass, "fuck you".

Tener mucho morro[edit | edit source]

someone who is very full of himself and is unconsiderate.

Mola[edit | edit source]

something that is good, cool.

In Latin America[edit | edit source]

Vaina[edit | edit source]

With the right noun and verb, you can express anything. Means thing, stuff, everyone uses it.

Es lo que hay[edit | edit source]

a resignation, means "that's all there is".

Calladito te ves más bonito[edit | edit source]

keep your mouth shut, you look prettier that way.

Chévere[edit | edit source]

cool, used mostly in Colombia, Venezuela, Perú and Panama.

Mae[edit | edit source]

in Central America means "amigo/amiga".

Choro/Chorizo[edit | edit source]

It means thief

Pata/Causa[edit | edit source]

Used mostly in Perú to refer friend

Pegar un tubazo[edit | edit source]

Please don't hit them with a tube! in Argentina means "call me".


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