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Zero Conditional[edit | edit source]

if-clause Main clause
If/When + Present Simple Present Simple

The Zero Conditional is used to talk about general truths.

Ex. If/When you press the button, the machine starts.

Conditional Sentences Type 1[edit | edit source]

We use Conditional Sentences Type 1 for something which is likely to happen in the present or future.

if-clause Main clause
If + Present Simple -Future will
-Modal Verbs (can, amy, might,

must, should) + base form


If I see James, I will give him his book back.

If you want a pet, you must promise to take care of it.

If you go to the supermarket, buy some milk.

Conditional Sentences Type 2[edit | edit source]

We use Conditional Sentences Type 2 for unreal or imaginary situations which are unlikely to happen in the present or the future.

if-clause Main clause
If + Past Simple Would/could/might + base form

If I won the lottery, I would buy a farm in the country.

You could lose some weight if you went on a diet.

I might move to London if I got a good job there.

-In Conditional Sentences Type 2 were is often used

instead of was in the if-clause.

If I were rich, I would live in a luxurious house.

-We use If I were you to express an opinion or to give advice.

If I were you, I wouldn't buy it.

-Unless can be used instead of If...not... in all conditional


I won't buy this car unless you agree (= if you don't agree)

-When the if-clause comes before the main clause, the

two clauses are separated by a comma.

Conditional Sencentes Type 3[edit | edit source]

if-clause Main clauses
If + Past Perfect Would/could/might + have +

past participle.

Conditional Sentences Type 3 are used:

-To talk about unreal or imaginary situations in the past.

If I had won the lottery, I would have left my job.

-To express regret

If I hadnt' gone to bed so late last night, I would have woken up on time this morning.

-To criticise somebody/something.

If youhad completed your degree, you might have found a better job.


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