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How to say good bye in Russian

Hello everybody,

In today's lesson, you will learn some useful vocabulary about ¨HOW TO SAY GOOD BYE¨ in Russian. 🇷🇺

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Here are the main ways to say "Good bye" in Russian:


"До свидания!"[edit | edit source]

This form is more formal, people use it in official conversation, with unfamiliar people or with older people. "До встречи", "Всего хорошего", "Увидимся" are equal, but more neutral and not so spreaded

"Пока"[edit | edit source]

This is an informal form. You can use this word when you talk with your friends or with people who you know well. It is similar to "Bye" in English.

"Прощай"[edit | edit source]

Another way is "Прощай". People usually use it when they want to make an accent to a fact that it was the last time they meet, or they hope so. It is similar to "Farewell" in English.

"Давай"[edit | edit source]

It is informal variant of the word "Bye". You can use it in casual conversations.

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