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Animals in Russian

Welcome to our lesson on Russian Vocabulary → Animal! 🐾 In this lesson, we will explore the fascinating world of animals in the Russian language. As a Russian language teacher with 20 years of experience, I am excited to share with you the names of various animals, their characteristics, and some interesting facts about them in Russian. 🦁

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So, let's dive into the world of Russian animal vocabulary and start learning together!

Some Animals in Russian[edit | edit source]



The cat koht Кот
The cat koh shih kah Кошка
The dog sah bah kah Собака
The bear myehd vyehd Медведь
The elephant slohn Слон
The lion lyehv Лев
The tiger tih grih Тигр
The giraffe zhih rahf Жираф
The camel vehr blih ood Верблюд
The rabbit kho lihk Кролик
The hare zah yahts Заяц
The monkey ah beh zih ah nah Обезьяна
The squirrel vyehl kah Белка
The wolf vohlk Волк
The fox lih sah Лиса
The mole kroht Крот 
The mouse muh shih Мышь
The rat kruh sah Крыса
The hedge-hog eh zhihk Ежик
The snake zmee yah Змея
The antelope ah tih loh pah Антилопа
The bison bih zohn Бизон
The buffalo bou ih vohl Буйвол
The moose lohs Лось
The deer ah lyehn Олень
The porcupine dih koh brahz Дикобраз
The zebra zih brah Зебра
The rhino noh sah rohk Носорог
The hippopotamus bih gih moht Бегемот
The gorilla gah rihl lah Горилла
The chimpanzee shihm pah zyeh Шимпанзе
The orangutan oh rahn gou tahn Орангутанг
The squirrel vyehl kah Белка
The ape ah byeh zih nah Обезьяна
The leopard lyoh pahrd Леопард
The cheetah geh pahrt Гепард
The panda pahn dah Панда
The gazelle gah zyehl Газель
The cow kah poh vah Корова
The bull buhk Бык
The buffalo bou ih vohl Буйвол
The sheep ahv tsah Овца
The ram bah rahn Баран
The goat kah zyohl Козёл
The donkey ah sohl Осел
The horse loh shaht Лошадь
The goose goos Гусь
The spider pah ouk Паук
The ant mou rah vay Муравей
The bee pcheh lah Пчела
The wasp ah sah Оса
The worm chehrv Червь
The butterfly bah boh chih kah Бабочка
The moth mah tuh lyohk Мотылек
The kangaroo kehn gou rou Кенгуру
The emu eh mou Эму
The koala koh ah lah Коала
The fish ruh bah Рыба
The dolphin dyehl fihn Дельфин
The crocodile kroh kah dihl Крокодил
The octopus ahs mih nohk Осьминог 
The whale kiht Кит 
The shark ah kou lah Акула
The turtle chih rih pah hah Черепаха
The frog lih gou sh kah Лягушка
The seal nyehr pah Нерпа
The toad zhah bah Жаба
The squid kahl mahr Кальмар
The pig svih nyah свинья
The hippopotamus bih gih moht бегемот
The lama lah mah лама
The chinchilla shihn shihn lah шиншилла
The panther pahn tyeh rah пантера
The gull chah ih kah чайка
The duck oot kah утка
The chameleon hah meh lyohn хамелеон
The beetle zhook жук
The chipmunk bou roun dook бурундук
The hedgehog eh zhihk Ежик
The aurochs zoo brih зубр
The lizard yah sheh ree tsah ящерица
The walrus mohr zhih морж
The snail ou liht kah улитка
The crayfish rahk рак
The lobster ah mahr омар
The crab krahb краб
The shrimp krih vyeht kah креветка
The turkey ihn dih youk индюк

Some Birds in Russian[edit | edit source]



The bird ptih tsah Птица
The chicken kou rih tsah Курица
The cock pyeh tour Петух
The starling skih voh ryeh tsih Скворец
The blackbird drohzt Дрозд
The woodpecker dyah tehl Дятел
The sparrow vah rah bay Воробей
The crow vah roh nah Ворона
The bullfinch sneh gihr Снегирь
The owl sah vah Сова
The penguin pihn gou ihn Пингвин
The parrot pah pou gah ih Попугай
The robin mah lih nohv kah Малиновка
The pigeon gah loob Голубь
The peacock pah vlihn Павлин
The flamingo flah mihn gah Фламинго
The ostrich strah oos Страус
The swan lyeh behts лебедь
The black grouse tyeh teh rehv тетерев

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