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Alphabet and Pronunciation in Russian
Alphabet and Pronunciation in Russian



Hello everybody,

In today's lesson you will learn some useful vocabulary about ¨ALPHABET AND PRONUNCIATION¨ in Russian.

Feel free to edit this page by adding new words and expressions!

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ah A a
beh Б b
veh В ve
geh Г gue
deh Д de
yeh Е (strong) / (tônica)
ih E i
yeh E (at the end) / (no final)
zheh Ж je
zeh З ze
i И i
i Й i
kah К ca
ehl Л el
ehm М em
ehn Н en
oh О (strong) / (tônica) o
ah O a
peh П pe
her Р ér
ehs С és
teh Т te
ou У u
ehf Ф éf
Hah Х rah
tseh Ц tsé
cheh Ч tche
shah Ш cha
shcheh Щ chtché
no sound Ъ sem som
uh Ы â
no sound Ь sem som
eh Э é
you Ю
yah Я
syah siá
sah CЯ (at the end) / (no final)

Russian alphabet[edit | edit source]

Russian is a Slavic language, such as Polish or Czech, written with the Cyrillic alphabet, inspired by the Greek alphabet.

Caps А Б В Г Д Е Ё Ж З И Й К Л М Н О П Р С Т У Ф Х Ц Ч Ш Щ Ъ Ы Ь Э Ю Я
Minisculs а б в г д е ё ж з и й к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ъ ы ь э ю я
Name а бэ вэ гэ дэ е ё жэ зэ и и краткое ка эл, эль эм эн о пэ эр эс тэ у эф ха цэ че ша ща твёрдый знак ы мягкий знак э ю я
Prononciation /a/ /b/, /bʲ/ /v/, /vʲ/ /ɡ/, /gʲ/ /d/, /dʲ/ /je/, / ʲe/, /e/ /jo/, / ʲɵ/ /ʐ/ /z/, /zʲ/ /i/, / ʲi/,, /ɨ/ /j/ /k/, /kʲ/ /l/, /lʲ/ /m/, /mʲ/ /n/, /ɲ/ /o/, /ɐ/ /p/, /pʲ/ /r/, /rʲ/ /s/, /sʲ/ /t/, /tʲ/ /u/ /f/, /fʲ/ /x/, /xʲ/ /t͡s/ /t͡ɕ/ /ʂ/ /ɕɕ/ /ɨ/ / ʲ/ /e/ /ju/, / ʲu/ /ja/, / ʲa/
Transcription a b v g d e ë ž z i j k l m n o p r s t u f x c č š šč '' y ' è ju ja

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Russian l is velar, it is pronounced as English well or as the old French chevals: one pronounced then s of the plural (that is why the pronunciation was then modified in "cheva-or "Then" chevo "writes Chevaux)

At the end of the word, the sound consonants become deaf, as in German, they pronounce then:

  • b > p
  • v > f
  • g > k
  • d > t
  • z > s 

The Russian has 5 vocalic phonemes noted by 10 graphemes: 

a e i o u  
а э ы о у   After a hard consonant
я е и ё ю   After a soft consonant or yod

Examples[edit | edit source]

(In brackets the transcription & bracketed phonetics)

ад (ad) [at] Hell яд (jad) [jat] Fish
мыло (mylo) [milo] soap     мило (milo) [mjilo] nice
лук (luk) [luk] onion люк (ljuk) [ljuk] hatch
These wet sounds are not necessarily transcribed in French. Thus the name of the first president of Russia was Борис Ельцин in Russian, Boris Yeltsin in English and French: Boris Yeltsin (but pronouncing "Yeltsin").


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