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Culture[edit | edit source]

Brazil[edit | edit source]

More than anywhere else in the world, football is the number 1 sport in Brazil!

It punctuates the life of the inhabitants, whether they come from poor neighborhoods or from the upper classes, it governs their way of life, it maintains their pride on both sides of the planet, it represents the deification of the athlete who can, thanks to his exceptional talent, bring indescribable joy to his supporters, or unfathomable pain. Without risking caricature, we can say that Brazil IS football.

Portugal[edit | edit source]

Football, futebol in Portuguese, is lived as a real religion in Portugal. With its long and rich history, football has established itself as the most popular sport among the Portuguese, by far dethroning all other sporting activities.

In Portugal, football is watched, lived and shouted throughout the year. Between the best players in the world and the most famous clubs in the country, we take you to the heart of the culture and history of Portuguese football.

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Soccer Futebol
Attacker Atacante
Assistant referee Bandeirinha
Away team Time visitante
Away game Jogo fora de casa
Ball Bola
Beat Derrotar
Box Área
Bench Banco de reservas
Bycicle kick Bicicleta
Championship Campeonato
Center circle Círculo central
Changing rooms Vestiários
Cleats Chteiras
Coach Técnico
Coin toss Cara ou coroa
Corner kick Escanteio
Cross Passe cruzado
Dead ball Bola parada
Defeat Derrotar
Defender Zagueiro
Draw Empate
Extra time Prorrogação
Fans Torcida
Final Final
First half Primeiro tempo
Flag post Bandeirinha
Foul Falta
Foul Falta
Friendly game Amistoso
Full time Fim de jogo
Gloves Luvas
Goal Gol
Goal kick Tiro de meta
Goal line Linha do gol
Goal scorer Artilheiro
Goalkeeper Goleiro
Goalpost Trave
Half time Intervalo
Halfway line Linha do meio de campo
Header Cabeçada
Home game Jogo em casa
Injured player Jogador machucado
Injury time Acréscimos
Jersey Camisa
Kick Chute
Kick off Chte inicial
League Liga
Likely winner Favorito
Match Partida
Midfield player Meio Campo
Net Rede
Offsides Impedimento
Own goal Gol contra
Pass Passe
Penalty Pênalti
Penalty shootout Disputa de pênalti
Pitch Campo
Player Jogador
Quarter final Quarta de final
Red card Cartão vermelho
Referee Árbitro
Replay Replay
Score Placar

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