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How to write and pronounce portuguese numbers from 1 to 10

Count from one to ten[edit | edit source]

Português English
1 Um One
2 Dois Two
3 Três Three
4 Quatro Four
5 Cinco Five
6 Seis Six
7 Sete Seven
8 Oito Eight
9 Nove Nine
10 Dez Ten

Expressions with numbers from 1 to 10[edit | edit source]

Note: Numbers 1 and 2 in portuguese very in gender, therefore you must use the feminine or masculine form depending on what you are referring to.

Masculine form: Um, Dois

Feminine form: Uma, Duas

Um café, por favor. (One coffe, please.)

Uma caneca de cerveja, por favor. (One/A beer mug, please.)

Videos[edit | edit source]

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