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Slang in Brazil

Do you know that Brazil has different accents and local expressions in each state?

Sometimes even Brazilian people have a hard time understanding each other!

The aim of this lesson is to help you understand spoken and slang expressions in the different states and regions in Brazil.

Please, add some new slang words or expressions from your state here, it will enrich the text!

Everywhere in Brazil[edit | edit source]

Northeast[edit | edit source]

We have nine states in the northeast. I'll talk a little about the slang that exists in Pernambuco, which sometimes other states use as well.

  • O bichinho tá doente, é? Is the child or the boy really sick?
  • Oxi, e eu num te avisei! "Oxi", is an expression of amazement and at the same time indignation with what was said before and was not done by the person.
  • Que cabra arretado. When someone learns and does everything to please people.
  • Viu? Você observou aquilo?
  • Você prestou atenção?
  • Tá danado de bom. The place, the food, the things you like, are too good

North[edit | edit source]

Central-West[edit | edit source]

South[edit | edit source]

  • Gaudério - Country dweller.
  • Lagartear - Stay in the sun doing nothing, resting.
  • Pila - Another way of saying our currency, like money.

Southeast[edit | edit source]

  • TOP - Adjective used to say that something is very good or amazing.
  • Mano - Is an expression similar to "bro" in english.

I Hope you enjoyed it! I will post more soon!


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