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How to toast in Portuguese[edit | edit source]

First, before starting this lesson, here's how to toast in Portuguese.

In Portuguese from Portugal, we say: “À sua saude!”, "À nossa!" or "Saúde!". In Brazilian Portuguese, we say: “Saude!" (or “viva!”, or “Tim-tim!”)

Drinks vocabulary in Portuguese[edit | edit source]

Here is now some vocabulary on the different drinks:

Beverage Bebida
Brazilian Caipirinha Caipirinha
Beer Cerveja
Brandy Conhaque
Champagne Champanhe
Cider Cidra
Cocktail Coquetel
Coconut Water Água de coco
Coffee Café
Draft Beer BR - Chope / PT - Imperial
Dry Wine Vinho Seco
Gin Gim
Hot Chocolate Chocolate quente
Juice BR - Suco / PT - Sumo
Lemonade Limonada
Liqueur Licor
Milk Leite
Milkshake BR - Milkshake / PT - Batido
Red Wine Vinho tinto
Rum Rum
Soda Refrigerante
Sparkling Water Água com gás
Stout Cerveja preta
Tea Chá
Tequila Tequila
Tonic Water Água tônica
Vodka Vodca
Water Água
Whiskey Uísque
White wine Vinho branco
Wine Vinho

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