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Present Tense in Polish
Present Tense in Polish


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In today’s lesson we are going to study the following topic: ”PRESENT TENSE” in Polish

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The present tense exists only in the imperfective aspect in Polish, as an action will always be in the process of being completed in the present.

If you were to conjugate a verb in the present tense using the perfective form, you get the future tense, which can be found here:


Examples[edit | edit source]

1st Sing (Ja) 2nd Sing (Ty) 3rd Sing (On, Ona, Ono, Pan, Pani) 1st Plural (My) 2nd Plural (Wy) 3rd Plural (Oni, One, Panie, Panowie)
Robić Robię Robisz Robi Robimy Robicie Robią
Powtarzać Powtarzam Powtarzasz Powtarza Powtarzamy Powtarzacie Powtarzają
Próbować Próbuję Próbujesz Próbuje Próbujemy Próbujecie Próbują

How does it work?[edit | edit source]

First we have the subject, but it isn't necessary.

Then we have some verb (like in the table above) and then rest of the sentence.

  • subject (ja/ty/on/ona/ono/my/wy/oni) + verb + rest of the sentence (where, why, how etc.)

For example:

  • Ja robię obiad or Robię obiad
I'm making a dinner now.

Present Tense in Polish[edit | edit source]





I love Já kocham yah koh hahm Eu amo
You love Ty kochasz teh koh hahsh Você ama
He loves On kocha ohn koh hah Ele ama
We love My kochamy meh koh hah meh Nós amamos
You love Wy kochacie veh koh hah cheh Vocês amam
They love Oni kochają oh nih koh hah yohn Eles amam
I speak Já mówię yah moo vyeh Eu falo
You speak Ty mówisz teh moo vihsh Você fala
He speaks On mówi ohn moo vih Ele fala
We speak My mówimy meh moo vih meh Nós falamos
You speak Wy mówicie veh moo vih cheh Vocês falam
They speak Oni mówią oh nih moo vih ohn Eles falam
I sleep Já śpię yah shih pyeh Eu durmo
You sleep Ty śpisz teh shih pihsh Você dorme
He sleeps On śpi ohn shih pih Ele dorme
We sleep My śpimy meh shih pih meh Nós dormimos
You sleep Wy śpicie veh shih pih cheh Vocês dormem
They sleep Oni śpią oh nih shih pih ohn Eles dormem
I eat Já jem yah yehm Eu como
You eat Ty jesz teh yehsh Você come
He eats On je ohn yeh Ele come
We eat My jemy meh yeh meh Nós comemos
You eat Wy jecie veh yeh chyeh Vocês comem
They eat Oni jedzą oh nih yehd zohn Eles comem


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