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Past Tense in Polish
Past Tense in Polish


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In today’s lesson we are going to study the following topic: ”PAST TENSE” in Polish

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Like the future tense (Language/Polish/Grammar/Future-Tense), the Polish past tense has two aspects, perfective and imperfective, and is shown with the same pairs.

Polish past tense will tell you person, number, gender, and aspect.

Basic rules are as follows: directly after the verb stem, you can have e (or nothing) which indicate the person or object is masculine, a, which indicates feminine.

There's also i which indicates at least one or more Animate/living male persons, or y which indicates no animate/living male persons. Directly after these you may have m, which indicates first person, ś which indicates second, nothing, which indicates third singular or third plural, śmy which indicates first plural, or ście, which is second plural.

For clarity, examples will be given below.

Perfective[edit | edit source]


Singular Male Female Neuter
1st (ja) Zrobiłem Zrobiłam
2nd (ty) Zrobiłeś Zrobiłaś
3rd (on, ona, ono) Zrobił Zrobiła Zrobiło
Plural masculine (męskoosobowy) not masculine (niemęskoosobowy)
1st (my) Zrobiliśmy Zrobiłyście
2nd (wy) Zrobiliście Zrobiłyście
3rd (oni/one) Zrobili Zrobiły

Imperfective[edit | edit source]


Singular Male Female Neuter
1st (ja) Próbowałem Próbowałam
2nd (ty) Próbowałeś Próbowałaś
3rd (on, ona, ono) Próbował Próbowała Próbowało
Plural masculine (męskoosobowy) not masculine (niemęskoosobowy)
1st (my) Próbowaliśmy Próbowałyście
2nd (wy) Próbowaliście Próbowałyście
3rd (oni/one) Próbowali Próbowały

Polish language-past tense - perfective and imperfective:

singular number

- 1st person  : male, female

- 2nd person : male, female

- 3rd person : male, female, neute

plural number :

- 1st person  : masculine , not masculine

- 2nd person : masculine, not masculine

-3rd person  : masculine, not masculine


Past Tense in Polish[edit | edit source]





I loved Já kochałem yah koh how ehm Eu amava
You loved Ty kochałeś teh koh hou ehsh Você amava
He loved On kochał ohn koh how Ele amava
We loved My kochaliśmy meh koh hah lihsh meh Nós amávamos
You loved Wy kochaliście veh koh hah lihsh cheh Vocês amavam
They loved Oni kochali oh nih koh hah lih Eles amavam
I spoke Já mówiłem yah mou vih ou ehm Eu falava
You spoke Ty mówiłeś teh mou vih ou ehsh Você falava
He spoke On mówił ohn mou vih ou Ele falava
We spoke My mówiliśmy meh mou vih lihsh meh Nós falávamos
You spoke Wy mówiliście veh mou vih lihsh cheh Vocês falavam
They spoke Oni mówili oh nih mou vih lih Eles falavam
I slept Já spałem yah spah ou ehm Eu dormia
You slept Ty spałeś teh spah ou ehsh Você dormia
He slept On spał ohn spah ou Ele dormia
We slept My spaliśmy meh spah lihsh meh Nós dormíamos
You slept Wy spaliście veh spah lihsh cheh Vocês dormiam
They slept Oni spali oh nih spah lih Eles dormiam
I ate Já jadłem yah yah dou ehm Eu comia
You ate Ty jadłeś teh jah dou ehsh Você comia
He ate On jadł ohn yah dou Ele comia
We ate My jedliśmy meh yeh dlihsh meh Nós comiamos
You ate Wy jedliście veh yeh dlihsh cheh Vocês comiam
They ate Oni jedli oh nih yeh dlih Eles comiam


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