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Past Participle in Polish
Past Participle in Polish


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In today’s lesson we are going to study the following topic: ”PAST PARTICIPLE” in Polish

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Past Participle in Polish[edit | edit source]





I have loved Já pokochałem yah poh koh how ehm Eu amei
You have loved Ty pokochałeś teh poh koh hou ehsh Você amou
He has loved On pokochał ohn poh koh how Ele amou
We have loved My pokochaliśmy meh poh koh hah lihsh meh Nós amamos
You have loved Wy pokochaliście veh poh koh hah lihsh cheh Vocês amaram
They have loved Oni pokochali oh nih poh koh hah lih Eles amaram
I have spoken Já mawiałem yah mah vyah ou ehm Eu falei
You have spoken Ty mawiałeś teh mah vyah ou ehsh Você falou
He has spoken On mawiał ohn mah vyah ou Ele falou
We has spoken My mawialiśmy meh mah vyah lihsh meh Nós falamos
You have spoken Wy mawialiście veh mah vyah lish cheh Vocês falaram
They have spoken Oni mawiali oh nih mah vyah lih Eles falaram
I have slept Já spałem yah spah ou ehm Eu dormi
You have slept Ty spałeś teh spah ou ehsh Você dormiu
He has slept On spał ohn spah ou Ele dormiu
We have slept My spaliśmy meh spah lihsh meh Nós dormimos
You have slept Wy spaliście veh spah lihsh cheh Vocês dormiram
They have slept Oni spali oh nih spah lih Eles dormiram
I have eaten Já jadałem yah yah dah ou ehm Eu comi
You have eaten Ty jadałeś teh jah dah ou ehsh Você comeu
He has eaten On jadał ohn yah dah ou Ele comeu
We have eaten My jadaliśmy meh yah dah lihsh meh Nós comemos
You have eaten Wy jadaliście veh yah dah lihsh cheh Vocês comeram
They have eaten Oni jadali oh nih yah dah lih Eles comeram



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