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Indefinite Articles in Polish
Indefinite Articles in Polish


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In today‚Äôs lesson we are going to study the following topic:¬†‚ÄĚINDEFINITE ARTICLES‚Ä̬†in Polish

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Indefinite Articles in Polish[edit | edit source]





One dog Jeden pies yeh dehn pyehs Um cachorro
One bird Jeden ptak yeh dehn ptahk Um p√°ssaro
One man Jeden mńôŇľczyzna yeh dehn mehn zhih chihz nah Um homem
One house Jeden dom yeh dehn dohm Uma casa
One city Jedno miasto yehd noh myahs toh Uma cidade
One window Jedno okno yehd noh ohk noh Uma janela
One mouth Jedne usta yehd neh oos tah Uma boca
Some dogs Niektóry psy nyehk tou reh pseh Alguns cachorros
Some birds Niektóry ptaki nyehk tou reh ptah kih Alguns pássaros
Some men Niekt√≥ry mńôŇľczyzn nyehk tou reh mehn zhih chihz nih Alguns homens
Some houses Niektóry domy nyehk tou reh doh meh Algumas casas
Some cities Niektóre miasta nyehk toh reh myahs tah Algumas cidades
Some windows Niektóre okna nyehk toh reh ohk nah Algumas janelas
Some mouths Niektóra usta nyehk toh rah oos tah Algumas bocas



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