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Cuisine in Polish

Hello Everyone, 😊

In today’s lesson we're going to talk about famous Polish dishes.

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Here are the most popular Polish national dishes:

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Pierogi (dumplings)[edit | edit source]


It is well-known flour dish. The thin pieces of dough stuffed with different fillings and cooked in salty water. There are many types of pierogi's toping among others cottage cheese with onion and peper (pierogi ruskie), cabbage and mashrooms (eaten during the Christmas), minced meat, sweet cottage cheese, blueberries and other fruits. Well prepered piergoi should not be hard neither to soft. Pierogi should be full of fillings and the dough can not be thick. The pierogi are usually served with cream, cream and suggar or fried onion and greaves.

Kotlet schabowy (Fried pork chop)[edit | edit source]

Kotlet schabowy.jpg

A piece of pork coated in breadcrumbs and fried in deep fat, traditionally on a lard. It is usually served with potateo and cooked cabbage.

Bigos (cabbage jumble)[edit | edit source]


The mix of cabbage (fresh or pickled), meat, sausage, mashrooms and anion cooked in one pote with red wine. There is many type of Bigos. It is often eaten during the open air festivals and bivouacs. It is usually eaten with bread.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Polish Cuisine: Fermentation by Aleksander Baron - YouTube[edit | edit source]

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