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The typical word order in Uzbek sentence is Subject – Object – Verb.

This order is characteristic of 75% of world languages and is different from English where the word order is Subject- VerbObject. An example of English word order is Salim drinks tea (SVO).

Example[edit | edit source]

An example of Uzbek word order will be:

  • Salim tea drinks (SOV).

Question words are placed in the sentence where the answer will go:

  • Bu kim? Bu Lola. – This (is) who? This (is) Lola.
  • Bu nima? Bu qalam.- This(is) what? This (is a) pen.

In Uzbek language grammatical functions like number, case, mood or tense are accomplished by adding suffixes to words.

Fore example:

  • uy (home) – uyda (at home).

There are only three tenses in Uzbek language:

Present, Past and Future are also formed by adding suffixes to a verbal root.

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