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Rules[edit | edit source]

Adjectives in Uzbek modify nouns.  

When adjective comes after the noun then it becomes a predicate.  

Adjectives are used as word root, meaning that they can serve as nuclei for further morphological construction by adding suffixes.  

Adjectives in Uzbek do not carry the plural suffix.  

For example:

  • yangi kitob – new book
  • yangi kitoblar – new books
  • bu kitob yangi – this book is new

yangi+lik - news

Examples[edit | edit source]

English Adjectives Uzbek Adjectives
adjectives Sifatlar
a green tree yashil daraxt
a tall building baland bino
a very old man juda qarri odam
the old red house eski qizil o'y
a very nice friend juda ajoyib do'st

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