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A collocation is made up of two or more words that are commonly used together in English.

Here are some important collocations with "Take" and their translations in other languages.

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English French Mandarin Chinese Spanish German
take a break faire une pause 休息一下 (xiūxí yíxià)/(xiūxi yíxià)
take a chance tenter sa chance 碰運氣/碰运气 (pèng yùnqi)
take a look jeter un coup d'oeil 瞧瞧 (qiáoqiao)
take a rest se reposer 休息一下 (xiūxí yíxià)/(xiūxi yíxià)
take a risk 冒險/冒险 (màoxiǎn)
take a seat s'assoir 就座 (jiù zuò)
take a taxi prendre un taxi 打車/打车 (dǎ chē)
take an exam passer un examen 參加考試/参加考试 (cānjiā kǎoshì)
take notes prendre des notes 記筆記/记笔记 (jì bǐjì)
take part 參加/参加 (cānjiā)
take someone's place prendre la place de quelqu'un 代替某人做事 (dàitì mǒurén zuòshÌ)
take someone's temperature prendre la température de quelqu'un 測某人的體溫/测某人的体温 (cè mǒurén de tǐwēn)


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