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Lyrics or lines may sound similar to something in another language and it may incredibly make sense with humour. This is the Japanese word 空耳.

As a learner, you can't be so creative as native speakers, but you can enjoy.

You may need to search the slang words as they are usually not taught in schools. This is a step towards a pop culture.

GrimPixel's list[edit | edit source]

The more exciting the “transliterations” are, the lower they are positioned.

German to Mandarin Chinese[edit | edit source]

[NSFW] Angry German Kid

Gulf Arabic to Japanese[edit | edit source] (بحرين الرياضية) تصفيات آسيا لكأس العالم 2010 - الدور الخامس السعودية – البحرين

Japanese to Mandarin Chinese[edit | edit source] Butter-Fly (和田光司)

Korean to Japanese[edit | edit source]

[NSFW] 발걸음 (공훈국가합창단)

[NSFW] 최고사령관동지 건강을 축하함 (보천보전자악단); 그날에 병사를 보라 (보천보전자악단); 우리의 7.27 (보천보전자악단)

Korean to Mandarin Chinese[edit | edit source]

[NSFW] 단숨에 (보천보전자악단)

[NSFW] 더 좋은 래일로 (조선인민군공훈국가합창단)

[NSFW] 당신이 없으면 조국도 없다 (보천보전자악단)

[NSFW] 발걸음 (조선인민군공훈국가합창단)

[NSFW] 장군님은승리의기치 (조선인민군공훈국가합창단)

[NSFW] 《광명성-3》호 2호기 위성 발사성공 (조선중앙통신)

[NSFW] 우리는당신밖에모른다 (조선인민군공훈국가합창단)

[NSFW] 조선인민군가 (공훈국가합창단)

[NSFW] 배우자 (모란봉악단)



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