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Wiki Lessons - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some warm-hearted people may be willing to share their knowledge, but they have encountered problems or have some questions.

Here anyone can ask any questions related to this topic, and answer them.

May I copy contents from other sites?[edit | edit source]

You can search for the information on the internet but do not copy and paste exactly the same content.

Google search engine can penalize your article and even the entire website (your article will not be visible on search engines results).

Duplicate content will have to be deleted.

Besides, sometimes content is protected by copyright.

But if you think there is an image from another site that is really good, and its format is jpg, png or gif, then you can copy the image link and paste where you want. You need to check the page with your image link to see if the image is allowed to be used outside that site.

Also, if you were inspired by another webpage please write the page link in the "References" section at the bottom of your page.

What should be the minimum quality of a lesson?[edit | edit source]

When you write a language lesson, you will receive points.

To receive those points, here are the minimum quality requirements:

What if I don't have enough time to create a whole lesson?[edit | edit source]

You can create an incomplete lesson. Other people will complete it.

Also, you can contribute to an existing lesson by adding content, correcting errors, and so on.

How can I add an image?[edit | edit source]


How can I add a sound file?[edit | edit source]


How can I create a table?[edit | edit source]


How can I transpose a table?[edit | edit source]

Regretfully, this function can't be found here. You can rely on some other programs to do so.

How can I change the text format?[edit | edit source]

You can change the font or its size by inputting CSS code in the source.

This is an example with YOUR CONTENT in size 20px, font Times, weight bold and colour red.

Use the following code (with the Edit Source tab on the top right of the page):

<span style="font-size:20px;font-family: Times;font-weight:bold;color: red">YOUR CONTENT</span>

How can I translate a lesson into another language?[edit | edit source]

You have created a lesson and you feel that this lesson is well completed and that there will not be many changes in the future:

Basically, what you have to do is edit the page using the "Edit source" tab and add the following code:

<languages />

Just add a <languages /> on the top (this will include links to change language) and insert the whole article text between an opening <translate> tag and a closing </translate> tag. Then, click on the link to "mark the page for translations".

How can I add a hyphen or a minus sign in the title?[edit | edit source]

The popular “-” [U+002D - HYPHEN-MINUS] will disappear in the title, but “‐” [U+2010 ‐ HYPHEN] and “−” [U+2212 - MINUS SIGN] won't.

Is there a quick way of creating or editing a page?[edit | edit source]

You can save the following text in a txt file and replace the bold text English)/CATEGORY(e.g. Grammar)/TITLE(e.g. How-to-contribute-to-wiki-lessons-(FAQ))&action=edit

How can I contribute to a language which I totally don't know?[edit | edit source]

You can use translators freely. There may be errors, but other people will correct them. If you are not sure which meaning a word means in a specific situation, you can enter the word in your known language at Wikipedia, and view the page in that language. Vice versa.

It's precious if those languages relatively not popular are contributed too.


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