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Moroccan Arabic Grammar ➡ The verb "To learn"

With the Moroccan dialect, to say "learn!", we will say "qra!" to a boy and "qraye!" to a girl.

With the Arabic language, we would have said "iqra!" (يقرا). Besides, this is the meaning of the word "Koran" (the holy book of Muslims). From this word, this book allows you to understand that it is good to read and learn and that it helps us to move in the path that we all want.

You will find below the conjugation of this verb in the present:

Moroccan dialect Translation
ne qra I read
te qra / te qraye You read (boy) / You read (girl)
y qra / te qra He reads / She reads
ne qraou We read
te qraou You read
y qraou They read (mixed)

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