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The predicate in Greek - Το κατηγορούμενο

The predicate in grammar, is the part of a sentence that contains the verb and gives information about the subject.

There are 3 essential building blocks in every sentence: the subject, the object and the predicate.

The predicate is responsible for describing the action performed or state experienced by the subject. The predicate must always contain a verb, but it can also include objects, either direct or indirect, and different types of modifiers, such as adverbs, prepositional phrases, or objects.

The predicate is always in the nominative declension, in the same variation of the subject, while the object is accusatory. So there is no reason to be confused. 

The predicate can be[edit | edit source]

ουσιαστικό (name)[edit | edit source]

Ο Γιάννης είναι γιατρός. (Jean is a doctor)

επίθετο (adjective)[edit | edit source]

Τα φύλλα είναι ξερά. (The leaves are dry)

μετοχή (participle)[edit | edit source]

Τα λουλούδια είναι ανθισμένα. (The flowers are in bloom)

αντωνυμία (pronoun)[edit | edit source]

Ο Γιώργος δεν είναι τέτοιος. (George is not like that)

αριθμητικό (arithmetic)[edit | edit source]

Ο Κώστας είναι δεύτερος (Costas is second)

Most common linking verbs[edit | edit source]

The most common linking verbs are forms of the verb "είμαι" (to be) 

  • γίνομαι:become
  • φαίνομαι:appear,
  • μοιάζω: resemble 
  • παραμένω :remain
  • θεωρούμαι :be considered
  • εμφανίζομαι : appear
  • παρουσιάζομαι : be presented
  • αποδεικνύομαι: be proven
  • εκλέγομαι :be elected 
  • διορίζομαι:be appointed
  • πάω για :go for
  • μιλάω ως : speak as
  • αποτελώ :constituted
  • ονομάζομαι:be named
  • λέγομαι: be called,
  • αναγνωρίζομαι :come through
  • ανακηρύσσομαι :be declared
  • χειροτονούμαι: ordained
  • κληρώνομαι: inherit 
  • ζω :live
  • μένω :stay
  • γεννιέμαι:be born
  • πεθαίνω:die
  • υπηρετώ:serve
  • λογαριάζομαι: deal with

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