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In China, especially in big cities open to tourism, there are many people who understand some English.

If you use "Hello! "How do you do? To greet them, they will understand.

If you send them a smile or call them with a wave of their hand, they will respond in the same way.

The smile is an international greeting that does not need to be interpreted, and is accessible to everyone.

The Chinese today are accustomed to greet others with a Nǐ Hǎo 你好 (hello) or a Jiàn Dào Nǐ Hěn Gāo Xìng 见到 你 很 高兴 (happy to see you).

The hand shake is now very popular in China. However, in mountain and rural areas, women do not practice it.

When you shake hands with a Chinese woman to greet her, take care not to press her too hard, just take her fingers.

In general, the Chinese do not greet each other by kissing each other.

For friends or relatives, very emotional, who find themselves after a long separation, they can kiss in public. But it is extremely rare.

As for the kiss, on the cheek as on the back of the hand, it is not in the custom of the Chinese to practice it.


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