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🤗 Mandarin Chinese Greetings for Everyday Life

Hi Mandarin Chinese learners! 😃

Do you want to learn how to say “Hello” in Mandarin Chinese?

Greetings are an important part of any language because they allow you to connect and communicate with others.

If you’re planning a trip to the country or are trying to learn Mandarin Chinese, keep reading to discover some of the most important greetings.

Let’s get started! 🤗

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General Greetings[edit | edit source]

English Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese (Pinyin)
Hi 嗨 (borrow from English) hi
Hello 你(you)好(good) nǐ hǎo
Hello (formal) 您好 nín hǎo
Hello (to a group of people) 你们好 nǐ men hǎo
Good morning 早晨(morning)好(good) zǎo chén hǎo
Good morning 早上 (morning)好(good) zǎo shàng hǎo
Good morning 早(morning)安(safe/still/calm) zǎo ān
Good morning 早(early) zǎo
Good afternoon 下午(afternoon)好(good) xìa wǔ hǎo
Good noon 午(noon)安(safe/still/calm) wǔ ān
Good evening 晚上(night)好(good) wǎn shàng hǎo
Good night (use before sleep) 晚(night)安(safe/still/calm) wǎn ān
how are you? 你好吗?/你好嗎? nǐ hǎo mā
How are you? 您好吗? 您好嗎? nín hǎo mā
I'm good/fine. 我很好. (reply to 你好吗?/你好嗎?) wǒ hěn hǎo
How are you? 你怎么样? nǐ zěn me yàng
Have you eaten? 你吃饭了吗? 你吃飯了嗎? nǐ(often read as ní) chī fàn le mā
Have you eaten? 你有吃饭吗? 你有吃飯嗎? nǐ(often read as ní) yǒu chī fàn mā
(greeting used when meeting someone for the first time) 幸(lucky)会(meet) xìng huì
Welcome 欢(happy)迎(meet)/歡迎 huān yíng
Welcome 欢迎光临/歡迎光臨    huān yíng guāng lín
greeting used when answering the phone 喂 (hey) wéi
Hello everyone 大家(everyone)好(good) dà jiā hǎo

Sichuan Dialect [cmn-xin][edit | edit source]

English Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese (Pinyin)
Hello 你好 nèe hào
Good morning  早上好 zào sàng hào
Good evening  晚上好 wàn sàng hào
Good night 晚安 wàn ngā

Northeastern Dialect [cmn-nem][edit | edit source]

English Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese (Pinyin)
Hello 你好 née hăo
Good morning  早上好 zao shung hao
Good evening   晚上好 wun shung hao 
How are you? (informal) 你咋样啊? ni za yung a
How are you?   啥事儿? shá shìr

Kunming Dialect [cmn-kun][edit | edit source]

English Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese (Pinyin)
Have you eaten? in the Kunminghua dialect 咯请的饭了? kae ching te fan le
have you eaten? in the Kunminghua dialect [cmn-kun] 你给吃饭啦? ni gei chi fan la

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