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Maltese Grammar - How to Form the Past Tense
Past Tense in Maltese

Hello Maltese language learners,

In today's lesson you will learn how to form the PAST TENSE in Maltese.

Feel free to edit this page if you think you can improve it.

Happy learning ! :)

Rules[edit | edit source]

Maltese uses two basic forms for the past:

Example for the verb "to get":

  • ksib and kiseb.

The last one is used for the 3rd person (he, she, they) and the first one for the rest.

So here it goes:

  • Ksibt (I got)
  • Ksibt (you got)
  • Kiseb (he got)
  • Kisbet (she got)
  • Ksibna (we got)
  • Ksibtu (you got)
  • Kisbu (they got)

One last point: the "she" form and the "they" form remove the "e" from kiseb.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Verb: to love (ħabb)[edit | edit source]

I loved Jien ħabbejt
You loved İnt ħabbejt
He loved Huwa ħabb
We loved Aħna ħabbejna
You loved İntom ħabbejtu
They loved Huma ħabbu

Verb: to speak (tkellem)[edit | edit source]

I spoke Jien tkellimt
You spoke İnt tkellimt
He spoke Huwa tkellem
We spoke Aħna tkellimna
You spoke İntom tkellimtu
They spoke Huma tkellimu

Verb: to sleep (raqad)[edit | edit source]

I slept Jien rqadt
You slept İnt rqadt
He slept Huwa raqad
We slept Aħna rqadna
You slept İntom rqadtu
They slept Huma raqdu

Verb : to open (fetaħ)[edit | edit source]

I opened Jien ftaħt
You opened İnt ftaħt
He opened Huwa fetaħ
We opened Aħna ftaħna
You opened İntom ftaħtu
They opened Huma fetħu

Sentences: Examples[edit | edit source]

English Maltese
I visited France jien żort franza Audio
you visited Italy inti żort l-italja Audio
he visited Morocco huwa żar il-marokk Audio
she visited China hi żaret iċ-ċina Audio
we visited Mexico aħna żorna messiku Audio
they visited Kenya huma żaru l-kenja Audio

Videos[edit | edit source]

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Sources[edit | edit source]


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