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  • Mokolo > A day
  • Mikolo > Days
  • Poso > A week

Poso moko ezalaka na mikolo 7 > A week has got 7 days.

Mikolo ya poso bazali > Days of the week are.

  • Mokolo ya yenga: Sunday.
  • Mokolo ya liboso: Monday
  • Mokolo ya mibale: Tuesday
  • Mokolo ya misato: Wednesday
  • Mokolo ya minei: Thursday
  • Mokolo ya mitano: Friday
  • Mokolo ya poso: Saturday

Here are some examples

  • Bato bakendaka musala kobanda mokolo ya liboso tí mokolo ya poso > People go to work from Monday to Saturday.
  • Mokolo ya yenga musala ezalaka te, bato bakendaka kosambela > There is no work on Sunday, people go to pray.
  • Natangaka Falanse mikolo mibale na poso, mokolo ya misato na mokolo ya minei > I have French classes two times a week, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Lelo eza mokolo nini, mokolo ya liboso to mokolo ya mibale? > What day is today, Monday or Tuesday?
  • Lobi ezalaki mokolo nini, mokolo ya minei to mokolo ya mitano? > What day was yesterday, Thursday or Friday?


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