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Main Body Parts in Latin

Hello Latin learners,

In today's lesson you will learn the main body parts in Latin.

Happy learning ! :)

Parts of the body in Latin[edit | edit source]

Body   Corpus corpous
Belly, stomach Venter    venter
The hair Capillus ka pi lous
The head Caput ka pout
Brain Cerebrum tserebroum
The ear Auris au ris
The eye Oculus o kou lous
The nose Nasus na sous
The mouth Oris Oris
Βack Dorsum dor soum
The tooth Dente dente
The tongue



Lingua lin gou a
The fingernail Unguis oon gou ihs
The foot Pes peess
Pair of legs Crūs crou ouss
Shin   Tibia  ti bi a
The knee Genu ge nou
The hand Manus ma nous
Finger Digitus di gi tous
Shoulder  Humerus ou mè rous
Thigh   Femur féï mour
The neck Collum ko loum
The back Tergum ter goum
The heart Cor kor
Leather   Tergus ter gous
The forehead Frons fro ns

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