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Hello Latin learners! 😊

In today's lesson you will learn how to COUNT FROM 01 TO 10 in Latin.

Nowadays we use the Arabic numeral system but the Romans used their own numeral system called roman numerals as we will see.

Knowing your Latin numbers is very important for any Latin speaker.

The following table shows you the numbers in Latin from 1 to 10, their pronunciation, and Roman Numerals. You can also practice your pronunciation by watching the videos at the end of the lesson.

Good learning and counting! 😎

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Latin numbers 1-10[edit | edit source]

Arabic numeral Latin Pronunciation Roman Numeral
1 unus [oo'nus] I
2 duo [do'o] II
3 tres [tray'se] III
4 quattuor [kwa'tor] IV
5 quinque [kween'kwe] V
6 sex [se'ks] VI
7 septem [sep'tem] VII
8 octo [ok'to] VIII
9 novem [no'wem] IX
10 decem [dek'em] X

Counting from 01 to 10 in Latin and other languages[edit | edit source]





1 one unus / una oo nous / ou nah um / uma un / une один jeden
2 two duo / duæ dou oh / dou eh dois / duas deux два dwa
3 three tres trehs três trois три trzy
4 four quattuor kou ah tou ohr quatro quatre четыре cztery
5 five quinque kou ihn kou eh cinco cinq пять pięć
6 six sex sehks seis six шесть sześć
7 seven septem sehp tehm sete sept семь siedem
8 eight octo ohk toh oito huit восемь osiem
9 nine novem noh wehm nove neuf девять dziewięć
10 ten decem deh kehm dez dix десять dziesięć

Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

Video Numbers 1 to 10 in Latin[edit | edit source]

Video Numbers 1 to 20 in Latin[edit | edit source]


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