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Colors-Colores[edit | edit source]

In this lesson we will learn the adjectives of colors in Latin. Below is a list of colors in English their equivalents and pronunciation in Latin

Colors = Colores[ko'lo'res] in Latin

Colors Colors in Latin Pronunciation
Black Ater, Niger [a'ter],[ni'ger]
White Albus, Candidus [al'bus][kandi'dus]
Red Ruber [ru'ber]
Green Viridis [wi'ri'dis]
Yellow Flavus [fla'wus]
Blue Caeruleus [ke'ru'li'us]
Grey Ravus [ra'wus]
Silver Argenteus [ar'gen'te'us]
Gold Aureus [au're'us]
Pink Roseus [ru'se'us]
Brown Brunneus, fuscus [bru'ne'us] [fus'kus]

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