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Family and Relatives in Kazakh

Hello everyone,

In today's lesson, you'll see the different family members in Kazakh.

The are many relative names in Kazakh, so if I forgot some of them, please edit the page.

Fabby 😊

Family words in Kazakh[edit | edit source]

English Kazakh Latin letter version
Family Отбасы Otbasy
Relative Туысқан Týysqan
Mother Ана Ana
Father Әке Áke
Parents Ата-ана Ata-ana
Brother (older) Аға Aģa
Brother (younger) Іні İni
Sister (older) Әпке Ápke
Sister (younger) Қарындас (for a boy) Qaryndas
Сіңлі (for a girl) Sińli
Grandmother Әже Áje
Grandfather Ата Ata
Grandchild Немере Nemere
Great-grandchild Шөбере Şóbere
Cousin Бөле bóle
Nephew/Niece Жиен Jıen
Aunt Тәте Táte
Uncle Нағашы Naģaşy
Wife Әйел Áıel
Husband Күйеу Kúıeý
Spouse Жұбай Jubaı
Daughter Қыз Qyz
Son Ұл Ul
Daughter-in-law Келін Kelin
Son-in-law Күйеу бала Kúıeý
Sister-in-law Жеңге Jeńge
Brother-in-law Жезде Jezde
Uncle’s wife Жеңеше Jeńge
Wife’s younger sis./bro. Балдыз/Қайын іні Baldyz/Qaıyn ini
Sisters’ husbands Бажа Baja
Brothers’ wives Абысын Abysyn
Married couple’s parents Құда Quda
Mother-in-law Ене Ene
Father-in-law Қайын ата Qaıyn ata
Stepmother Өгей ана Ógeı ana
Stepfather Өгей әке Ógeı áke
Stepdaughter/Stepson Өгей қыз/ұл Ógeı qyz/ul
Twins Егіздер Egizder
Twin sister/brother Сыңар Syńar

There also "sides" in Kazakh. "Side" means relatives of that person.

English Kazakh Latin letter version
Father's side Өз жұрты Óz jurty
Mother's side Нағашы жұрты Naģaşy jurty
Spouse's side Қайын жұрты Qaıyn jurty

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