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Parts of the body in Japanese

You will find below a list of common words and expressions that use parts of the body.

Finally watch our video to listen and repeat.

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Here is how to say the parts of the body in japanese:

体 karada body
肢体 shitai limbs
髪 kami hair
頭 atama head
顔 kao face
耳 mimi ear
首 kubi neck
目 me eye
鼻 hana nose
頬 hoho cheek
口 kuchi mouth
唇 kuchibiru lips
喉 nodo throat
歯 ha tooth
胸 mune chest
腹 hara stomach
膝 hiza knee
足首 ashikubi ankle
足 ashi foot / leg
つま先 tsumasaki toe
腕 ude arm
肩 kata shoulder
肘 hiji elbow
手首 tekubi wrist
手 te hand
指 yubi finger
爪 tsume fingernail
背中 senaka back

There is some interesting points.

For some parts of the body, for example in hand and wrist we can see the kanji 手. In the words ankle and leg we can see the kanji 足. So, we can easily understand the relation between close limbs.

Precisions about the fingers[edit | edit source]

親指 oyayubi thumb
人差し指 hitosashiyubi index finger
中指 nakayubi middle finger
薬指 kusuriyubi ring finger
小指 koyubi small finger

Common idioms[edit | edit source]

Ō me ni miru / 大目に見る : to stare somebody with large eye. Means, to be caring.

In French, it exists a similar expression but with the opposite meaning : “faire les gros yeux”.

This means to be not satisfy by the behavior of other people.

Atama ga akarimasen 頭があかりません I can’t hold my head high. When you are grateful and you want to show it to somebody, you say this!
O naka ga suita お腹がすいた to get stomach empty
O naka ga ippai お腹がいっぱい to get stomach full.
Nodo ga kawaita 喉が渇いた to become thirsty
Mimi ga tako ni naru 耳がタコになる talking unceasingly the same thing and annoying people.

VIDEOS[edit | edit source]

This video is cut in several parts Here is the PART 1 but you can easily navigate to the other parts.

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