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Let's talk about astronomy and more specifically solar system and planets names in a first time.

Every planet get the kanji 「星」 added to her name which means “star”.

Some of the names refer to mythological Gods&Kings, some other to universe elements.

Kanji Hiragana romaji (with explanation) Roman name
太陽 たいよう Taiyou The Sun
水星 すいせい Suisei (litt. Water Planet) Mercury
金星 きんせい Kinsei (litt. Metal planet) Venus
地球 ちきゅう Chikyuu (litt. terrestrial globe). Earth
木星 もくせい Mokusei (litt. Wooden planet) Jupiter
土星 どせい Dosei (litt. Soil planet) Saturn
天王星 てんのうせい Tennousei (litt. planet of the King of Heaven) Uranus
海王星 かいおうせい Kaiousei (litt. planet of the King of the Seas) Neptune
冥王星 めいおうせい Meiousei (Planet of the King of Shadow) Pluto
ほし Hoshi Star
惑星 わくせい Wakusei Planet
惑星間 わくせいかん Wakuseikan Interplanetary


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