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The longest word in Italian
The longest word in Italian

Ciao a tutti! 🇮🇹

Are you curious about the longest word in Italian? You've come to the right place! In this lesson, we will reveal the answer to this intriguing question. But that's not all! After discovering the longest Italian word, why not expand your vocabulary even further? Check out our other related lessons, such as Italian lesson: dialogue in a bar, Days, months and seasons in Italian, and Fruits to continue your Italian language journey. Buona fortuna! 🍀

Explanation of each part of the word[edit | edit source]

The longest Italian word is a 26-letter-long :

  • Precipitevolissimevolmente (It means "in a way like someone acts very hastily")
  • It is formed by subsequent addition of postfixes to the original root:
    • precipitevole: "hasty"
    • precipitevolissimo: "very hasty"
    • precipitevolissimevole: "[of someone/something] that acts very hastily",
    • precipitevolissimevolmente: "in a way like someone/something that acts very hastily"

The word is never used in every-day language but it is an official part of Italian language.

Others examples[edit | edit source]

Other words can be created with a similar (and grammatically correct) mechanism starting from a longer root, winding up with a longer word.

  • sovramagnificentissimamente. (cited by Dante Alighieri in De vulgari eloquentia), 27 letters, "in a way that is more than magnificent by far" (archaic);
  • incontrovertibilissimamente. 27 letters, "in a way that is very difficult to falsify";
  • particolareggiatissimamente. 27 letters, "in an extremely detailed way";
  • anticostituzionalissimamente. 28 letters, "in a way that strongly violates the constitution".

Translations in different languages[edit | edit source]

ENGLISH[edit | edit source]

anticostituzionalissimamente (This word has 26 letters)
Translation : In a way that strongly violates the constitution

ITALIAN[edit | edit source]

anticostituzionalissimamente (Questa parola ha 26 lettere)
Traduzione: In un modo che viola fortemente la costituzione

BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE[edit | edit source]

anticostituzionalissimamente (Essa palavra tem 26 letras)
Tradução : Em uma maneira que viola fortemente a constituição

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