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Some basic phrases in Farsi conversation

Hello everyone!

I am MJ Mahdizadeh. Today I am going to share some of the most practical phrases in Farsi language with you. Let’s review them:

  • سلام (Salam: Hello)
  • حالت/حالتون چطوره؟ (Haalet/Haaletoon chetore?: How are you?)
  • خوبم متشکرم (khoobam moteshakerm: fine, thanks)
  • اوضاع چطور می گذره؟ (Oza’a chetor migzareh?: How is it going?)
  • خدا رو شکر (Khodaa ro shokr: Thank God)
  • چند سالته/ سالتونه؟ (Chand saalete/ saaletoone: How old are you?)
  • من 27 سالمه (man bist o haft saalameh: I am 27 years old)
  • از آشنایی با شما خوشبختم/ خوشحالم (Az Aashnaayi baa shomaa Khoshbakhtam/ khoshhaalam: nice to meet you)
  • من هم همینطور (Man ham hamintor: Me, too/ So do I)
  • موفق باشی/ باشید (Movafagh baashi/ baashid: Good luck)
  • خدانگهدار/ خداحافظ (Khodaa negahdar/ Khodaa Haafez: Bye)

These phrases are used when you want to meet someone in Iran for the first time, but most of them are really useful during daily conversation.

Good luck.


MJ-Mahdizadeh, Vincent and Sano83

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