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HI everyone

today we are going to tell you some words used in the family and their pronunciation in persian

so let's learn....

English word pronunciation in persian writing
dad-father baba-pedar پدر
mom-mother maman-madar مادر
brother baradar برادر
sister khahar خواهر
uncle amu-daie عمو-دایی
aunt khale-amme عمه-خاله
cousin pesar daie-dokhtar daie- pesar amu-pesar amme-pesar khale-dokhtar amu-dokhtar khale-dokhtar amme پسر دایی-پسرعمو-پسر عمه-پسرخاله-دختر دایی-دختر عمه-دختر خاله-
stepmother namadari نامادری
mother in law madar zan-madar shohar... مادر زن-مادر شوهر
stepfather napedari ناپدری
half brother baradar natani برادر ناتنی
half sister khahar natani خواهر ناتنی
groom damad داماد
bride aroos عروس

you can see....

Some English words are used in several ways in Persian.....for instance:uncle,aunt,cousin and things like that.....

good luck...


Payam71, GrimPixel, Vincent and Mohammad3fm

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