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Hey guy's. How are you today? Did you have a good Monday? I hope you enjoy your every day.

Today was Monday and it is a good starter for weeks. But in Iran people go to work every Sundays because the weekend is Friday and Saturday is the first day. We called that "shanbe" (شنبه ) and next be "yek shanbe" (یک شنبه ).

We called Monday "doshanbe" (دو شنبه ) and Tuesday "se shanbe" (سه شنبه ).

In Iran you don't have Wednesday, a Persian language says " chahar shanbe" (چهار شنبه ) and next day is "panj shanbe" (پنج شنبه ).

Now you have weekend and can rest or going out or other activities that you like. It is a good "jom,e" ( جمعه ).

In fact every names have "shanbe" expect weekend.

If you like it I can say you more, my native language is very old and I think it most likely language.

Persian Pronunciation English
شنبه šanbe Saturday
یک شنبه yekšanbe Sunday
دوشنبه došanbe Monday
سه شنبه sešanbe Tuesday
چهارشنبه cahâršanbe Wednesday
پنج شنبه panjšanbe Thursday
جمعه jom'e Friday


Vincent, Anaheeta and Shoir

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