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Persian Culture ➡ Famous Castles in Iran

Castles throughout history and even prehistoric times have played an important role in strengthening nations. Castles were usually guarded by governments along important roads or towns. In ancient times, castles were often built on impassable heights or rocky slopes, which served as a natural defense against enemies.

Iran is no exception to this rule and has a large number of unique historical castles. In most cities of Iran, these historic castles can be found, most of which can be visited. Currently, many castles that can be visited in Iran are considered valuable attractions in the field of tourism. In this article, let us present you a list of famous castles in Iran.

Toggle Tower[edit | edit source]

Toggle Tower

Karim Khan Fortress[edit | edit source]

Karim Khan Fortress

Alamoot castel[edit | edit source]

Alamoot castel

Other Castles[edit | edit source]

English Persian Pronunciation
Gerdkouh Castle قلعه گردكوه ghale gerd koh
Xinjiang Castle قلعه‌سينگان ghale singan
Forg Castle   قلعه فورگ ghale forg
Birjand Castle   قلعه بيرجند ghale birjand
Narin Castle قلعه‌ نارین ghale narin
Toggle Tower برج طغرل borj toghrol
Karim Khan Fortres ارگ کریم خان arg karim khan
Roodkhan Castle   قلعه رودخان ghale rood khan
Alamoot castle قلعه الموت ghale alamoot
Marko Castle   قلعه ماركوه ghale mar koh



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