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🤗 Hindi Greetings for Everyday Life[edit | edit source]

Hi Hindi learners! 😃

Do you want to learn how to say "Hello" in Hindi?

Listen to the following recording to hear how to say in Hindi (pronunciation from a native speaker):

Hello / नमस्ते / namasté (general greeting):

Greetings are an important part of any language because they allow you to connect and communicate with others.

If you’re planning a trip to the country or are trying to learn Hindi, keep reading to discover some of the most important greetings.

Let’s get started! 🤗

Main Greetings in Hindi[edit | edit source]

Hindi Translation
नमस्ते। namasté: general greeting
नमस्कार। namaskaar: general greeting
प्रणाम। praņaam: respectful greeting used by Hindus
प्रणिपात। praņipaat: respectful greeting (very formal and respectful)
राम राम raam raam: informal greeting used by Hindus
अलक्ष निरंजन। alaksh niranjan: informal greeting used by Hindu sages or hermits
सत् श्री अकाल sat sri akal: general greeting used by Sikhs
आप कैसे हैं? 👨 aap kaise hain: how are you? to a man (very formal and respectful)
आप कैसी हैं? 👩 aap kaisi hain: how are you? to a woman (very formal and respectful)
तुम कैसे हो? 👨 tum kaise ho: how are you? to a man (formal or casual)
तुम कैसी हो? 👩 tum kaisi ho: how are you? to a woman (formal or casual)
तू कैसा है? 👨 tu kaisa hai: how are you? to a man (informal, casual and not respectful)
तू कैसी है? 👩 tu kaisi hai: how are you? to a woman (informal, casual and not respectful)
क्या सब कुशल-मंगल है? kya sab kushal-mangal hai?: Is everything well? (formal and polite)
मैं ठीक हूँ। main thiik hun: reply to आप कैसे हैं, आप कैसी हैं, तुम कैसे हो, तुम कैसी हो?
सुप्रभात। suprabhaat: morning greeting
शुभ प्रभात। shubh prabhaat: morning greeting
शुभ संध्या। shubh sundhyaa: evening greeting
शुभ रात्रि। shubh ratri: nighttime greeting
सुस्वागतम्। svaagat: welcome greeting
आपका स्वागत है। aapka svaagat hain: welcome greeting
आपका पुनः स्वागत है। aapka punah swaagat hai: you are welcome again
बधाई हो! badhaai ho: congratulations!
शुभ यात्रा। shubh yatra: happy journey
धन्यवाद। dhanyavaad: thank you
आप से मिलकर अच्छा लगा। aap se milkar accha laga: nice to meet you
फिर मिलेंगे। fir milenge: see you again
अलविदा। alvida: good bye

Videos: How to Greet People[edit | edit source]


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