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Welcome to our lesson on French vocabulary related to tools! đŸ› ïž In this lesson, we will explore a variety of words that will help you expand your French vocabulary in the area of tools. We hope you find these words helpful and that they assist you in your language learning journey. 😊

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Don't hesitate to contribute by editing this page and adding more words to our growing list of French vocabulary! Bonne chance et amusez-vous bien ! đŸ‡«đŸ‡·

un outil[edit | edit source]

a tool

un boulon[edit | edit source]

a bolt

un clou[edit | edit source]

a nail

une vis[edit | edit source]

a screw

une clef anglaise[edit | edit source]

a wrench

une enclume[edit | edit source]

an anvil

un fil[edit | edit source]

a wire

une hache[edit | edit source]

an axe

une lime[edit | edit source]

a file

un maillet[edit | edit source]

a mallet

un marteau[edit | edit source]

a hammer

une perceuse[edit | edit source]

a drill

une pince coupante[edit | edit source]


un rabot[edit | edit source]

a plane

une scie[edit | edit source]

a saw

un tournevis[edit | edit source]

a screwdriver

une perceuse[edit | edit source]

a drill

une tronçonneuse[edit | edit source]

a chainsaw

un marteau-piqueur[edit | edit source]

a jackhammer

Expressions[edit | edit source]

Ne pas valoir un clou[edit | edit source]

To be worthless

  • Example : Ce vĂ©lo ne vaut pas un clou !

Au fil de l'eau[edit | edit source]

with the stream, gradually

  • Example : vous devez traiter les demandes au fil de l'eau (au fur et Ă  mesure)

VIDEOS[edit | edit source]

Add a comment by writing sentences using tools, this will allow you to practice and assimilate those new words :)!

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