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French/English True Cognates List

There are around 1,700 French cognates, many of which are identical to their English counterparts.

We have put together a list of the most common true French Cognates. In French, we call them "Vrais Amis".

Legend: types for French[edit | edit source]

  • m: masculine noun
  • f: feminine noun
  • adj: adjective
  • adv: adverb
  • v: verb

True Cognates English/French list[edit | edit source]

English French French (type)
abandon abandon m
abdomen abdomen m
abolition abolition f
abominable abominable adj
absence absence f
absent absent adj
absolutely absolument adv
absorption absorption f
abstinence abstinence f
abstraction abstraction f
acceleration accélération f
accent accent m
accessible accessible adj
accident accident m
action action f
active active adj
actuary actuaire adj
adaptation adaptation f
addiction addiction f
addition addition f
adjacent adjacent adj
administration administration f
admirable admirable adj
admiration admiration f
admission admission f
adolescent adolescent adj
adoption adoption f
adorable adorable adj
affluent affluent adj
agent agent m
agile agile adj
agriculture agriculture f
air air m
alliance alliance f
alphabetical alphabetique adj
ambiance ambiance f
ambition ambition f
ambulance ambulance f
amendment amendement m
amusement amusement m
anaconda anaconda m
analytical analytique adj
animal animal m
anniversary anniversaire m
apartment appartement m
appearance appearance f
applicable applicable adj
arbitrary arbitraire adj
ardent ardent adj
arrogance arrogance f
arrogant arrogant adj
artist artiste m
assistance assistance f
association association f
assurance assurance f
attention attention f
automobile (US) automobile f
ballet ballet m
banjo banjo m
blank blanque adj
blond(e) blond(e) adj
blouse blouse f
brilliance brilliance f
brilliant brilliant(e) adj
brutal brutal adj
cable cable m
cafe café m
camera caméra f
canyon canyon m
capable capable adj
catastrophe catastrophe f
catholic catholique m
cause cause f
celebration célébration f
central central adj
champion champion m
chauffeur chauffeur m
circumstance circumstance f
client client m
coast côte f
communication communication f
compliment compliment m
concert concert m
condition condition f
confetti confetti m
confusion confusion f
conscience conscience f
constellation constellation f
construction construction f
continent continent m
contract contracter v
contrary contraire m
contribution contribution f
convergence convergence f
conversation conversation f
correct correct adj
correctly correctement adv
cousin cousin m
coyote coyote m
critical critique m
crocodile crocodile m
cubical cubique adj
cyclist cycliste m
danger danger m
decent décent adj
decoration décoration f
deficient déficient adj
deliverance deliverance f
dentist dentiste m
diction diction f
dictionary dictionnaire m
dictionary dictionnaire m
different différent(e) adj
digital digital adj
diligent diligent adj
direct direct adj
direction direction f
directly directement adv
distance distance f
distinct distinct adj
document document m
dollar dollar m
dominance dominance f
donation donation f
dossier dossier m
double double m
dragon dragon m
dramatic dramatique adj
duel duel m
durable durable adj
dynamite dynamite f
edition édition f
effective effective adj
election election f
electrical electrique adj
elegance elegance f
element élément m
elephant éléphant m
elite élite f
emotion émotion f
empire empire m
encouragement encouragement m
endurance endurance f
energy énergie f
equation equation f
erosion érosion f
especially spécialement adv
ethical éthique adj
evident évident(e) adj
evidently évidemment adv
exact exact(e) adj
exactly exactement adv
excellent excellent(e) adj
exclamation exclamation f
exemption exemption f
exhibition exhibition f
experience expérience f
expiration expiration f
explosion explosion f
extra extra m
extraordinary extraordinaire adj
extravagant- extravagant(e) adj & nom
favorable favorable adj
festive festive adj
fiance fiancé nom
fiction fiction f
final final adj
finally finalement adv
finance finance f
flexible flexible adj
forest forêt f
fragile fragile adj
fragrance fragrance f
fruit fruit m
function function f
gallery gallerie f
gallon gallon m
generation génération f
ghetto ghetto m
golf golf m
gram gramme m
guide guide nom
habitable habitable adj
historical historique adj
horrible horrible adj
hospital hôpital m
hotel hôtel m
identical identique adj
identifiable identifiable adj
identification identification f
ignorant ignorant(e) adj
imaginary imaginaire adj
immediately immédiatement adv
immigrant immigrant adj & nom
immigration immigration f
impact impact m
impatience impatience f
importance importance f
important important(e) adj
impossible impossible adj
impression impression f
improbable improbable adj
inaccessible inaccessible adj
incident incident m
incredible incrédible adj
increment incrément m
incurable incurable adj
independence indépendance f
indicative indicative adj
indulgence indulgence f
infection infection f
influence influence f
information information f
infrastructure infrastructure f
injection injection f
innocence innocence f
innocent innocent adj
insect insecte m
inseparable inséparable adj
inspection inspection f
instinct instinct m
instruction instruction f
intelligence intelligence f
intelligent intelligent adj
intention intention f
interlude interlude m
international international adj
interview interview nom f ou m
intimidation intimidation f
intolerance intolerance f
introduction introduction f
invasion invasion f
invitation invitation f
jeans jeans m
journal journal m
jungle jungle f
justifiable justifiable adj
juvenile juvénile adj
kilogram kilogramme m
kilometre (UK)

kilometer (US)

kilomètre m
latent latent adj
leader leader m
legion légion f
leopard léopard m
lion lion m
literature littérature f
logical logique adj
long long adj
lyrical lyrique adj
machine machine f
maintenance maintenance f
manifestation manifestation f
marina marina f
massage massage m
maximum maximum m
mental mental adj
mention mention f
menu menu m
metal métal m
metre (UK)

meter (US)

mètre m
microscope microscope m
migration migration f
military militaire adj
million million m
miniature miniature f
minute minute f
mobile mobile adj
model modèle m
moment moment m
monument monument m
moral moral m
motion motion f
music musique f
nation nation f
national national adj
naturally naturellement adv
necessary nécessaire adj
nectar nectar m
nonchalant nonchalant adj & nom
normal normal adj
normally normalement adv
notable notable adj
notable notable adj
notice notice f
notion notion f
nuance nuance f
nuisance nuisance f
obedience obédience f
object objet m
obligation obligation f
obsession obsession f
occasion occasion f
ocean océan m
office office m
omission omission f
operation opération f
opinion opinion f
option option f
ordinary ordinaire adj
original original adj
parent parent m
part part f
passion passion f
patience patience f
perceptible perceptible adj
perfect parfait adj
permanent permanent(e) adj
perseverance perseverance f
persuasion persuasion f
pertinent pertinent adj
physique physique m, mais « la physique »

= « physics »

piano piano m
pirate pirate m
plan plan m
police police f
population population f
possible possible adj
potion potion f
practical pratique f
presentation présentation f
president président m
profit profit m
pronunciation- prononciation f
prudent prudent(e) adj & nom
question question f
racial racial adj
ratio ratio m
ration ration f
recent récent adj
recyclable recyclable adj
reflection reflection f
region région f
religion religion f
renaissance renaissance f
reptile reptile m
resemblance ressemblance f
reservation réservation f
resonance resonance f
respect respect m
respectable respectable adj
restaurant restaurant m
reunion réunion f
robot robot m
romantic romantique adj
rotation rotation f
route route f
salary salaire m
satellite satellite m
science science f
secret secret adj
segment segment m
serpent serpent m
session session f
silence silence m
silhouette silhouette f
simple simple adj
situation situation f
ski ski m
sociable sociable adj
social social adj
sofa sofa m
solo solo m
soup soupe f
solution solution f
station station f
statistical statistique f
substance substance f
support support m
surprise surprise f
suspect suspect adj
symmetrical symetrique adj
table table f
talent talent m
taxi taxi m
telephone téléphone m
telescope télescope m
television télévision f
terrible terrible adj
theatre théâtre m
tolerance tolerance f
totally totalement adv
train train m
trampoline trampoline m
transaction transaction f
transparent transparent adj
transport transport m
trillion trillion m
triple triple adj
triumphant triumphant(e) adj
tube tube m
typical typique adj
urgent urgent adj
vacant vacant adj
valve valve f
version version f
vertical vertical adj
vibrance vibrance adj
vibrant vibrant adj
violence violence f
visible visible adj
vocabulary vocabulaire m
vocal vocal adj
vulnerable vulnérable adj
yacht yacht m
zoo zoo m
zoom zoom m

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