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The main colors[edit | edit source]

  • Noir = Black
  • Blanc = White
  • Rouge = Red
  • Vert = Green
  • Bleu = Blue
  • Jaune = Yellow
  • Orange = Orange
  • Gris = Gray
  • Gris foncé = Dark gray
  • Gris clair = Light gray
  • Marron = Brown
  • Violet = Purple
  • Rose = Pink

French expressions with colors[edit | edit source]

Arme blanche[edit | edit source]

A weapon made of steal (like a knife or a sword)

Manger son pain blanc[edit | edit source]

To be in a happy time

Manger son pain noir[edit | edit source]

To be in a unhappy time

Montrer patte blanche[edit | edit source]

To prove identity

Avoir la main verte[edit | edit source]

To be a good gardener

Avoir une peur bleue[edit | edit source]

To be scared to death

En voir des vertes et des pas mûres[edit | edit source]

To see many unpleasant things

Être fleur bleue[edit | edit source]

To be naive

Fil rouge[edit | edit source]

the main idea

Tirer à boulets rouges[edit | edit source]

To criticize violently

Se mettre au vert[edit | edit source]

To rest in the countryside

Voir des éléphants roses[edit | edit source]

To have hallucinations

Voir la vie en rose[edit | edit source]

To be optimistic

Être la lanterne rouge[edit | edit source]

To be the last

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