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il or ça with impersonal verbs

Some impersonal verbs and verbal expressions have il as subject in written French, but il or ça may occur in spoken French; ça is used in informal styles. Some weather verbs behave in this way:

  • Il pleut, ça pleut

It's raining

  • Il neige, ça neige

It's snowing

  • Il gèle, ça gèle

It's freezing

  • Il limine, ça bruine

It's drizzling

  • Il/ça se peut que la carte soit démagnétisée

Perhaps the card has lost its magnetism

  • Il/ça n'empêche pas qu'elle ait raison

That doesn't stop her from being right

  • Il/ça suffit de voir ce qui se passe

You only have to see what's happening

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