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Hello French learners 😀

In French, there are words that sound the same but have different meanings, different spellings, and different genres:

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Nouns which have the same spoken form but two different written forms[edit | edit source]

Masculine Feminine
French English French English French English French English
un cal a callus une cale a wedge
un faîte a summit une fête a party
le foie the liver la foi the faith
le maire the mayor la mer the sea une mère a mother
un pet a fart la paie the pay la paix peace
le poids weight un pois a pea la poix pitch
un rai a ray of light une raie a parting (in hair) or a skate (fish)
le sel salt une selle a saddle
le sol earth une sole a sole (fish)
un tic a tic (nervous) une tique a tick (insect)
le vice vice (crime) une vis a screw

Gender of Nouns (all lessons)[edit source]

Other Chapters[edit | edit source]

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Personal and impersonal pronouns



Numbers, measurements, time and quantifiers

Verb forms

Verb constructions

Verb and participle agreement


The subjunctive, modal verbs, exclamatives and imperatives

The infinitive


Question formation

Relative clauses


Conjunctions and other linking constructions

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