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 On: place

"On" is used to talk about position on a line (for example a road or a river)[edit | edit source]



  • His house is on the way from Aberdeen to Dundee.
  • Stratford is on the river Avon. 

"in" is used for the position of things which form part of the line[edit | edit source]


  • There’s a misprint in line 6 on page 22.
  • Who’s the good-looking boy in the sixth row? 

"On" is used for position on a surface[edit | edit source]


  • Hurry up - supper’s on the table!
  • That picture would look better on the other wall.
  • There's a big spider on the ceiling.  

"On" can mean 'attached to'[edit | edit source]


  • Why do you wear that ring on your first finger?
  • There aren’t many apples on the tree this year.  

"On" is also used for position by a lake or sea[edit | edit source]


  • Bowness is on Lake Windermere. Southend-on-Sea


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