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Free resources for learning English.

If your English is not good, find links with “!!”.

Those mentioned in Language/Multiple-languages/Culture/Internet-resources-for-polyglots are not to be listed again here.

It is suggested to learn English through English if you are able to do so. If you are not, try to do it with the help of an English speaker.

!![edit | edit source]

For typing fluently. It supports many keyboard layouts.

!![edit | edit source]

Useful tools and information, from Skills (Courses is only a trial) to Apps. The earlier Flash version of that pronunciation chart is

!![edit | edit source]

For training speaking.[edit | edit source]

A great site for practising words.

!![edit | edit source]

Word roots. It is not hard to find, but many people neglect it.[edit | edit source]

It helps you to pass through the prolonged intermediate phase.[edit | edit source]

Grammar and punctuation.[edit | edit source]

Guide to punctuation, for English only.[edit | edit source]

The most popular online dictionary.[edit | edit source]

Acronym dictionary.[edit | edit source]

See the differences between two words.[edit | edit source]

Etymology.[edit | edit source]

Many things, including many articles and several books with audio. The pages are not designed well, but the contents are not that bad.[edit | edit source]

Some listening practice with transcripts.[edit | edit source]

A program for practising TOFEL speaking skills.[edit | edit source]

If you don't know a word in the definition, just click on it and see its definition.

It reminds me of a philosophy question of language: if you search for a word's definition in a dictionary, you can get its definition with more words, but how can a word be linked with a concept?[edit | edit source]

Find results in many dictionaries at a single time.[edit | edit source]

Excellent for seeing the relations between words. But there is only one part of speech for each word, which is a big flaw.[edit | edit source]

Analyze your writing, or other people's.[edit | edit source]

A good helper of writing.

!![edit | edit source]

It is aimed for English learning.[edit | edit source]

This site has a lot of phrases with their origins.

!![edit | edit source]

Little stories with audio.[edit | edit source]

Artificial teacher for practice. Supported languages are few now.

!![edit | edit source]

For training. It is simple.[edit | edit source]

For practising numbers.[edit | edit source]

A cool dictionary, as cool as Uncyclopedia.[edit | edit source]

All about memes.

!![edit | edit source]

A huge amount of lessons. You still need basic English knowledge to enjoy this one, ironically. But you also need basic English knowledge to read my words.

!![edit | edit source]

For Indians (people of the Asian country). You will not only learn English but also be clear about Indian programmers' style.[edit | edit source]

Word game with multilingual dictionaries.[edit | edit source]

Licensed free contemporary books about humanity and social sciences.[edit | edit source]

For composing poets. There are also other functions.[edit | edit source]

See who writes like you. Just for fun. They say Cory Doctorow for me, every time.

!![edit | edit source]

It is yet another privacy nightmare. Do not use, or use with caution.

Grammar checker.

If you want to enjoy their premium corrections with a free account, you can just let it check your sentences one by one, and make changes to the sentence little by little and try to make it indicate no premium correction.


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