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Greetings and Phrases for everyday life in Czech
Greetings and Phrases for everyday life in Czech

As you might know, Czech people (however rude they might appear to you when you're a tourist) actually have some courtesy among them :)

That's why we also distinguish between friends and people we respect (like employers, older family members, and greetings based on if you're older/younger than the person).

Don't worry, it might sound hard but it is actually pretty easy! :) I'd say it's quite similar to English.

Everything in BOLD is mostly used in spoken Czech, so please do not write it in any formal letter or so.

Hi![edit | edit source]

Ahoj! Čau! Čus! Hoj! Nazdar! - you say this to your friends or kids that are younger than you, also you say -ahoj- and -čau- to your family members. The rest is used mostly among friends.

Hello![edit | edit source]


Good day![edit | edit source]

Dobrý den! - to be honest, this is the greeting you always use when you meet someone you have to respect (teacher, someone new, employer...) you use it until at about 6pm and then you change it to good evening which is translated a bit later

Good morning![edit | edit source]

Dobré ráno!

Good noon![edit | edit source]

Dobré poledne! (not used much in normal conversations but you can encounter it sometimes, mostly in older Czech language)

Good afternoon![edit | edit source]

Dobré odpoledne!

Good evening[edit | edit source]

Dobrý večer

Goodbye[edit | edit source]

Wondering how to say goodbye? With your family/friends/young kids you can use ahoj, čau, čus, hoj as explained above

Saying goodbye in respectful way

Nashledanou (it basically means -so we can see each other again-)

More vocabulary[edit | edit source]

English Czech
Welcome VÍTEJTE !
How are you ? JAK  SE  MÁTE ?
What`s your name? JAK SE JMENUJETE ?
My name is … JMENUJI  SE ...
Sure ! URČITĚ !
Just a minute  ! MOMENT, PROSÍM !
Let`s go ! POJD´ME  NA TO
Good luck ! HODNĚ ŠTĚSTI
How old are you ? KOLIK JE VÁM LET ?
Somebody speaks Czech ? NĚKDO MLUVÍ ČESKY ?
Go straight ! JDĚTE ROVNĚ
Thank you ! DĚKUJI
You`re welcome ! NENÍ  ZAČ / NENÍ ZA CO
Please  ! PROSÍM 
Be careful ! POZOR !
How much is it ? KOLIK  TO  STOJÍ ?
Good morning DOBRÉ  RÁNO
Good afternoon DOBRÉ  ODPOLEDNE
Good evening DOBRÝ VEČER
Good night DOBROU  NOC 
Nice to meet you TĚŠÍ  MĚ 
Do you live here? BYDLÍTE  ZDE  ? 
I`m here on vacation JSEM TU NA DOVOLENÉ 
I`m here to study JSEM TU KVŮLI STUDIU
See you soon ! UVIDÍME SE POZDĚJI 
See you Tomorrow UVIDÍME ZÍTRA 
Just a second ! CHVILKU, PROSÍM 
Do you work ? PRACUJETE ? 
Good bye ! NA SHLEDANOU ! 
How can you say … in Czech ? JAK SE ŘEKNE …ČESKY ? 
Today is hot ! DNES JE HORKO 
I speak a little JÁ MLUVÍM TROCHU 
Speak slower ! MLUVTE POMALEJI 
Good appetite DOBROU CHUT´ 
Where are u from ? ODKUD JSTE ? 
What time is it ? KOLIK JE  HODIN  ? 
I am sorry ! OMLOUVÁM SE 
Do you speak Czech? MLUVÍTE   ČESKY ? 
Have a good travel ! ŠŤASTNOU CESTU / HEZKÝ VÝLET 
Bye  ! SBOHEM 
Bye  ! (Answer) SBOHEM 

Pronunciation[edit | edit source]


Vincent, Mastavaya, Alexx- -, Jirkaxyz, Milste and L-hllweck

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