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Time in Pashto

سلام Pashto Learners! 😃

➡ In today's lesson you will learn how to express time in the Pashto language.

Happy learning!

wakht وخت - time[edit | edit source]

English (Pashto) پښتو
(the) watch


sā'at ساعت
minute دقيقه
second ثانيه
morning sahār سهار
midday, noon غرمه
afternoon māspexin ماسپښين
day wraz ورځ
evening māxām ماښام
night shpa شپه
midnight نيمه شپه
day before yesterday wrma wraz وړمه ورځ

بل پرون

yesterday parun پرون
today nin نن
tomorrow sabā سبا
day after tomorrow بل سبا
week هفته , ooney اونۍ
holidays, vacation رخصتي
month myāsht مياشت
season فصل
year kāl کال
birthday kaleza کليزه
gift تحفه
century payray پيړۍ
English پښتو
past تير , ماضي
future راتلونكى وخت
before pekhwā پخوا
after wrusta وروسته
now ows اوس
never hetskela هېڅکله , هيڅکله
always هميشه , همېشه

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