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Hijri Shamis Months in Pashto

سلام Pashto Learners! 😃

Pashto (Pushto or Pakhto) is the official language of Afghanistan. It is spoken by the Pashtuns living in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

➡ In today's lesson you will learn how to write and pronounce the days of the week in the Pashto language.

Happy learning!

Afghans use 3 types of calendars:

  1. Hijri Shamsi (solar Islamic) : OFFICIAL CALENDAR
  2. Miladi/Isawee (Gregorian/Christian)
  3. Hijre Qamari (lunar Islamic)

Hijri Shamsi (solar Islamic)[edit | edit source]

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s official calendar is the Solar Hijiri calendar. You will find below the names of the Hijri Shamis months in Pashto for the solar Islamic calendar (each month corresponds to a sign of the zodiac):

Number Native Pashto script Approximant in English Romanization Latin Zodiac English Months
1 وری Woray Wray Aries ♈︎ March-April
2 غویی Ghowayay Ǧwayáy Taurus ♉︎ April-May
3 غبرګلی Ghbarghole Ǧbargoláy Gemini ♊︎ May-June
4 چنګاښ Changaskh Čungā́x̌ Cancer ♋︎ June-July
5 زمری Zmaray Zmaráy Leo ♌︎ July-August
6 وږی Wzhay Wáǵay Virgo ♍︎ August-September
7 تله Tala Tә́la Libra ♎︎ September-October
8 لړم Larrm Laṛám Scorpio ♏︎ October-November
9 لیند Leenda Lindә́i Sagittarius ♐︎ November-December
10 مرغومی Marghumay Marǧúmay Capricorn ♑︎ December-January
11 سلواغه Selwagha Salwāǧá Aquarius ♒︎ January-February
12 کب Kab Kab Pisces ♓︎ February-March

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