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Here are some usual Breton expressions and words.

Breton is a language spoken in Brittany (region of France).

Usual expressions in Breton[edit | edit source]

Breton Expression Meaning
Demat ! Hello !
Degemer mat !  Welcome !
Kenavo  !  goodbye !
Yec’hed mat !  to yours, health!
Noz vat !  Good night !
Mat an traoù ?  Things are going well ?
Diwall  !  Warning !
Trugarez  !  Thank you !

Some Breton words[edit | edit source]

Breton word Meaning
An Argoat inside
Arvor littoral
Bara bread
Bihan small
Binioù-bras pipe
Binioù-kozh traditional biniou
Bras great
Breizh Britain
Bro country
Du black
Enez island
Fest-Noz dance party
Fest-Deiz day party
Gouren Breton fight
Gwenn White
Gwin wine
Kastell castle
Kêr  city
Kreiz Kêr downtown
Kouign-amann butter cake
Krampouezh pancakes
Mor-Bras the ocean
Mor-Bihan Little Sea
Sant saint
Ti House
Ti-Kêr town hall, city hall
Ti an douristed tourist Office
Traou mad good thing
Tro Breizh Tour of Brittany
Ya Yes
Nann no

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